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Is this car really the one buyers dream about? Cause we don't like it

11/27/2017 23:37:38
Is this car really the one buyers dream about? Cause we don't like it
If someone would have built a car British buyers actually desire, we’d have one hell of a mess on our hands, here's what the latest consumer survey revealed

If someone would have built a car British buyers actually desire, we’d have one hell of a mess on our hands. This monstrosity is apparently what we’d end up with, based on a survey of 2300 Brits who expressed their love for the Lamborghini Urus body, Audi R8 doors and side trim, an Alfa Romeo front end, rear lights from a BMW 6 Series and, err, the exhaust from a Hyundai i30Right. The renders somehow managed to leave that one off in favour of a more VAG-ish pair.



The study, commissioned by a very popular UK web-site, also found that the Bentley badge was the favourite, while chunky off-road tyres wrap the wheels from the latest Honda Civic Type R. It’s topped by a spoiler wrenched from a Lamborghini Gallardo. As styling horror shows go, this one even eclipses old SsangYongs. The one thing we’re quite keen on is the colour. This ‘electric blue’ was apparently more popular among the survey sample than anything else. Why, then, does almost every German car in this country seem to leave the dealership in some shade of black, silver, grey or white? We digress.



Personalised number plates were seen as desirable by almost half of the people questioned, while one in three would want their car to fly and one in 20 want it to work under water. Good luck with that. For us, we’d just settle for it not looking a damn thing like this. Kill it with fire!


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